Benefits of Visiting an Affordable Dental Implant Center in Garden City NY for Tooth Loss Issues

People who are dealing with tooth loss will often find it can affect their life in ways they may not have anticipated. While most people may realize missing teeth will make eating certain foods a problem, they may not have realized speaking would also be a problem. In addition, a person’s self-esteem can become very negative after the loss of some or all of their teeth. This can cause them to refrain from seeing friends and family. This can greatly affect their quality of life.

When this type of situation occurs, one of the first things a person should consider is visiting an Affordable Dental Implant Center Garden City NY to find out about treatment options. This can sometimes be the best way to solve the problem and correct these types of situations.

An Affordable Dental Implant Center Garden City NY will have dental professionals who can spend time with the patient and review his or her needs. They will be able to examine the patient’s teeth and gums to determine what type of treatment would be most successful in dealing with their issue.
While most patients will do well with dental implants, there are different types of implants a dentist may need to consider based on the gums and mouth structure of the patient. Endosteal implants are the most common. These implants involve the dentist surgically placing a metal rod into the jawbone. This rod will act as a root for the replacement teeth.

Some patients with substantial loss of bone mass in their jaw may not be able to use endosteal implants. In such situations, the dentist may choose to use subperiosteal or on bone implants. With this type of process, a frame is developed to fit around and atop the jawbone. The rods are attached to the frame. The frame is fitted so it will not move and this allows it to be a stable foundation for replacement teeth to be attached.

Once the type of implants to be used has been decided the dentist can begin developing the replacement teeth to be used with the implants. Browse website for more information.

If you or a loved one has issues due to tooth loss, an Affordable Dental Implant Center Garden City NY may have a good solution to the problem. For more information, please contact Gerald B. Grossman DDS Garden City NY for more information.

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