Benefits Of Pet Vaccinations In Logan Square

Most people prefer not to get pets or children vaccinated, but many states require owners to get their pets vaccinated to prevent curable and incurable diseases. If you plan on not vaccinating your pet, make sure the law does not require it and learn about the benefits of vaccinations, as you could help your pet.


Logan Square veterinarians will usually offer the Distemper vaccine, even though the disease is very rare in the United States. It can cause seizures, spasms and paralysis. Distemper can lower the immune system’s ability to function, which can lead to multiple secondary infections.

Because of its range, it can have a high mortality rate, which is why most vet’s vaccinate against it. It is typically considered an effective vaccine and one dose will protect a puppy for the rest of their life. However, because the vaccine is made from a live strand of Distemper, it does have the ability to create the disease in the puppy or cat that it was trying to prevent, so talk with your vet about the risks involved before making a decision.

Kennel Cough

Most dogs catch kennel cough because they are in a kennel that is overcrowded and stressful. Symptoms include a persistent and dry cough that sounds irritated and will limit the abilities of your pet for the duration of the disease. However, there are few treatments available, as the cough will go away on its own after a few weeks.

Evidence has shown the vaccine is effective, and you will likely be required to have the vaccine for your pet if you will need to use doggy daycare or boarding kennels. However, it is not a preventable disease, even with the vaccinations, so many people choose to not vaccinate.


The Parvovirus is very common and affects only dogs. Cats have their own feline form of the disease. Puppies have a real problem dealing with the disease, so the vaccine is usually given only to young puppies because 90 percent of dogs over eight weeks old will survive. However, older dogs can experience enteritis and diarrhea.

Treatments are available for both vaccinated and unvaccinated animals, but unvaccinated puppies don’t respond well. You will need to wait until your puppy is at least 12 weeks old, otherwise their antibodies will block it, and it will not be effective.

Pet vaccinations in Logan Square are typically required by law. Whether you are required to or just want to help your animal, browse the site of Portage Park Animal Hospital & Dental Clinic to schedule an appointment.

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