Benefits of Hiring Licensed Electricians in Salem OR

There are a number of business and homeowners who hire a handyman or electrician who works “on the side” in this trade in an effort to save some money. While you will be able to pay lower fees if you hire an electrician in Salem OR who is not paying liability insurance, unemployment taxes or worker’s compensation insurance, the fact is that the work they provide will also put you and your home at risk.

Some of the benefits that are offered when you hire a licensed electrician are highlighted here.

Liability if Something Goes Wrong

What will happen if the moonlighting electrician you have hired is hurt while on your property? There is a high likelihood that you will be held liable for the person’s medical expenses. If a product that is installed does not work, or even worse, starts a fire, then who is going to pay for the repairs? Chances are you will be stuck with the bill if you hire someone who is not licensed or insured to provide electrical services.

Specific Benefits offered by a Licensed Electrician

When you hire a licensed electrician, they are required to continue taking classes to ensure they understand the latest safety issues and code. Licensed electricians in Salem OR will also ensure that all equipment they install is not only installed properly, but that it is also functioning as it should. If an issue does arise, they will also offer some type of guarantee or warranty to ensure the issue is repaired.

Another benefit offered by a licensed electrician is the fact that they will have product, liability and worker’s compensation insurance. This will ensure that if any issues or injuries occur on your property, they will cover the damage and expenses related to this.

Potential Issues Related to Selling Your Home

Another issue that may arise if you do not hire a licensed electrician is if you ever try to sell your home, you will not be able to show a potential buyer that the work was completed with the proper permit and the home inspector will likely note that the require was not completed to meet the code.

The fact is that there are a number of benefits offered by hiring a licensed electrician; however, the cost of using an unlicensed individual can cost you much more than the services offered by a professional.

If you need electrical services, then you should hire a licensed electrician to perform the work. For more information, visit Business Name website.

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