Benefits of Having Hardwood Floors Refinished by a Floor Refinishing Company

If you have hardwood floors in your home, you no doubt realize they can start to become unsightly looking after a period of time. While many people may try over the counter products to try to fix some of the issues with the floors, often it will be necessary for the floors to be refinished. For many people Floor Refinishing can seem like a daunting task. Because of this, they may find hiring a professional to handle the work can be a good solution.

Unlike other types of flooring, when wood floors start to look bad they do not always require a complete replacement. Depending on the type of damage to the floors, a professional floor refinishing company can generally come in, repair the damage, and restore the floors to look like they did when they were new.

Most issues with wood flooring are caused by stains, scratches, dents or scuffs. Sometimes it may be that old sealant is worn and starting to peel away. These types of repairs are generally easy to correct.

Generally, professionals will need to strip off the old finish. This is generally done by sanding the floor. Most times the technician will start sanding the floor with a larger grit so he or she can get all the dirt and other problems removed from the floor. Dents and other damage can also be smoothed out. If there are surface stains, these can often be removed as well. As the floor become cleaner, the technician will start to use finer grit paper to smooth out the floors. This needs to be done before a new coat of stain and then sealant can be applied.

If there are areas in the floor where the damage cannot be removed by sanding, the technician may be able to remove portions of the floor and replace them with similar materials. This can help a homeowner keep their floor while making sure it looks good.

Homeowners who are dealing with any types of hardwood flooring issues should seek out professional assistance to fix their problems. For more information, please contact New York Wood Flooring.

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