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Introduction: Italian Terracotta History

There is nothing more beautiful than dressing up your garden, patio, or deck with the looks and designs of Italian planters. Italians have been making unglazed terracotta pottery since the 7th century. Wherever there was rich clay, people have added water and fire to create items which they used within their homes for everyday use and for unique ornaments. These items included bowls, pitchers, wine amphorae, and urns for holding delicate oils. Pottery making was a tradition which was adopted by the Romans and later through the Islamic dynasties, where urns and planters became even more customized, including glazing with blue and green coloring. The artistic side of pottery production began in the 14th century, when it became an art form. Italian terracotta pottery urns, planters, and other items, were considered a symbol of the wealthy and the very fashionable. Noblemen commissioned master Italian and French artisans to produce different works for use internally and externally within their majestic estates.

Benefits of Italian Terracotta Products

Modern day Italian planters are available in varied shapes and sizes with a distinctive statement of orange-brown coloring. These well-made planters are available in a variety of styles such as Classic Italian Terracotta, Ornate Italian Terracotta, and Contemporary Italian Terracotta. Terracotta clay is found in China, Indonesia, Italy, and Mexico. Terracotta is defined as “baked earth,” and it is mined in different Tuscan villages. Terracotta is environmentally friendly and is safe to be around because of its natural porous properties of iron, calcium, copper, and aluminum. When a terracotta planter or product is fired, the result is a beautiful clay piece that can withstand extreme temperatures, which is why it is great in a variety of environments.

The Beauty of Italian Planters

Only your imagination limits the number of uses that you can convert a terracotta planter into. You can use unique handcrafted terracotta Italian planters for flowers and even growing vegetables. What makes terracotta the perfect type of planter for growing vegetation is that whatever you grow will not be disturbed by pests because insects, slugs or snails, and other crawly creatures are naturally deterred away from this well-crafted clay product. Not only will your beautiful planters remain durable during cold, harsh winters, but they will continue to look great for many years to come. Why not use your rectangular Italian terracotta planters as window boxes or larger Italian planters to align your garden or driveway as well as showcase seasonal plants?

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