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by | Jun 25, 2019 | Doors and Windows

If you look inside most homes, especially model homes in the most prestigious communities and neighborhoods, you may see a range of different features and decorating elements in each room. However, if you look carefully, you are very likely to see the same old panel styles of interior doors.

This is often because home construction companies simply buy doors in bulk purchases and use the same doors throughout all their home models. While there is nothing wrong with these doors, they are also not remarkable in any way.

For an individual, couple, or family that really wants to add those extra little details to their home, customized interior door designs will add that special something that will really make a room, and a home, look different than others.

Dutch Doors

Dutch doors in Los Angeles, CA, which have a bottom and a top that opens separately or together, are a great addition to a kitchen, games room area, or as an exterior door off the kitchen.

These doors can also have an additional shelf, known as a butler’s shelf, which gives you a small ledge to place items on for serving, or will add something unique to the look of your door. The major advantage to Dutch doors is that they provide a division between the rooms but, when the top is open, they still allow in a lot of light and give smaller spaces a much more open look.

Paneled Doors

Instead of the standard flat style of interior door that is typically white, why not consider beautiful, rich, warm looking wood panel doors? With all different stain and wood options, from mahogany to knotty alder and rustic shaker doors, you can easily find just what you want.

French Doors

French doors, either single or double, are a great option for your interior door. With the choice of clear glass or tempered glass, you can easily create privacy for an en suite bathroom or, with the clear glass, provide a perfect door for a home office, den, or a family room.

Etched Doors

Wood and glass doors that are custom etched with designs and text are a fun way to add that touch of originality to any room in the house. This makes the laundry room, pantry, and even the wine storage area a special room in any home.

Finding the right interior door for each room is a simple way to add to the overall decor with a practical, beautiful, and timeless detail to your home.

Let us help you choose the interior doors that will suit each room of your house. To see more, visit us online.

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