The Basics of Art Shipping And Crating

by | Nov 27, 2014 | Business

If you have valuable items of art or antiques, there may come a time when you need to have them moved elsewhere. This requires careful thought and consultations. If you live in California, art shipping and crating in Orange County is a feasible if somewhat daunting proposition. You need to consider the two aspects of the move. You have to get it right or your precious items will not arrive in the best of conditions.

Think Professional Art Shipping and Crating Services

When you move your personal items, you worry. You worry about the safety and security of them on the trip. You wonder whether the packing has been done sufficiently to provide protection. This intensifies when the cargo is fine art.

To avoid the worry that swirls around fine art shipping and crating, you need to hire professionals. Why? There are several good reasons why you need to leave the packing and shipping to the pros. Companies that are in the fine art shipping and crating business in Orange County and elsewhere in California:

* Hire trained personnel
* Know specifically what packing material – blanket wraps or crates, is appropriate
* Understand the specifics of packing fragile items in the right crates
* Are ready and willing to customize crates to meet the specifics of individual art work
* Package and ship in only the best and most suitable crates and other packing material. * * They know the crates must measure up in durability. They also know the crates must be * shock resistant, protective, water proof, heat treated and even reusable
* Are familiar with transporting diverse pieces of art
* Know what type of transportation vehicle or method is the most effective
* Know what to expect at the different potential destinations e.g. museums, art galleries, ports, airports, storage facilities
* Know what paperwork is required for the different destinations
* Operate proper art shipping and storage facilities

When you contact a company that specializes in art shipping and crating, it will supply you with specifics on the process. They will act professionally and answer all your questions about the procedure and what you can expect.

Professionals Get the Job Done

If you are thinking of art shipping and crating in Orange County, make certain you choose only to work with professionals. They know what is required. They are trained in handling art work. They will work hard and get the job done. Not only that, they will get it done right.

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