All Around Pet Care Under One Roof of an Animal Hospital in Millersville

A beloved pet is one that an owner wants to see experience a life full of health and happiness. The best way to monitor and maintain their health is with the help of skilled veterinarians and associates at an Animal Hospital in Millersville. To reap full benefits of pet health care, a pet owner should seek a facility that offers a broad range of services. An affable staff that treats every animal with attentiveness and care are qualities to look for in the people. A hospital equipped with advanced medical technology are qualities to look for in the establishment.

Exam rooms are set up in a way that’s more comforting to the animals. There are exhaust fans to keep unpleasant odors out the air. Mechanical tables can be slowly elevated from the floor so pets don’t have to be lifted. These convenience features in the exam room soothes the senses so they don’t experience any unnecessary stress. Medical records are systematically filed electronically so staff can easily access them to view current and past health status. An essential goal of the medical team in an Animal Hospital in Millersville is to keep pets in a tranquil state of mind while visiting the office.

Tests in the laboratory reveal ailments that can be diagnosed with physical exams. Leading edge CBC machines test pets for anemia and disease. The machine has an automatic cell counter dedicated to veterinary lab work. Veterinarians get full blood counts for common pets in several minutes. This machine assesses a pet’s general health quickly and with outstanding precision. Just a couple of drops of blood reveals the health of the liver, kidneys and thyroid.

Dog and cat boarding is the place to send a pet when owners are away. Kennels have an energetic staff who give the animals all the care, play and physical activity they need. There are spacious rooms to get exercise indoors. Pets get exceptionally nutritious meals and treats. Suites for dogs are accommodated for size with animals grouped together by compatibility for play. Special arrangements can be made with additional services. Pets will get one on one play time with a staff member, special meals and other privileged accommodations.