Are You In Need Of Earwigs Extermination Services In Wahiawa?

Earwigs are also called pincher bugs but are not harmful to humans. Their pinchers are used for self-defense. Contrary to what you may have heard, earwigs will not enter your ear and live in your brain. They will, however, invade your home and hide in dark areas and will emerge from hiding if you disturb where they’re resting.

When you hire a company to complete Earwigs Extermination Services Wahiawa, they will eliminate you or your family being startled. Earwigs crawl out of their hiding spots and at first you may think it’s a centipede. You don’t have to worry about the earwigs pinching you or your family.

To help diminish the issue of earwigs around your home, try to keep the exterior and interior of your home dry. Wood, grass clippings, piled blocks all tend to retain moisture and should not be stored near your home. Door mats are normally dark and wet and are a magnet for earwigs.

Although earwigs will not harm you, they are nocturnal and eat organic material. This includes your vegetable plants and flowers. They are beneficial for eating mites and aphids, but they can damage your garden if you have a large infestation. If you don’t have a total infestation, you may notice damage on your plants that resemble caterpillar damage. They are very beneficial for your compost pile.

The reason to have Earwigs Extermination Services Wahiawa for your home is because earwigs can show up in your coffee cups, glasses, bathtub, sinks, pots and pans and all through your house. Although earwigs are not dangerous to you, do you really want to serve your guest a cup of coffee with an earwig floating in it?

Earwigs spend the winter under debris, stones, and boards and buried in the soil. During the late winter is when they lay their eggs. Be proactive with eliminating earwigs in your home by contacting Bowman Termite and Pest Management LLC. It is better to eliminate the threat before you have a complete infestation in your home. They can have your earwigs eliminated within usually 3 days after the treatment has been applied. You can also check them on Yelp.

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