Airport Shuttles in Cape Coral FL Provide Convenient Rides

Using one of the Airport Shuttles in Cape Coral FL to get from the Southwest Florida International Airport in Fort Myers to somewhere else in that city or another city in the region is an affordable way to travel. If you’re accustomed to high rates associated with many taxicab services, you’ll be pleased when you see the rate chart of a service such as A Better Taxi Cape Coral FL. You can go from the airport to towns such as Bonita Springs, Port Charlotte, Naples and Marco Island with a clean and comfortable airport shuttle, and then take the shuttle back to the airport when your flight is scheduled to leave. The shuttle service also provides transportation to cities much further out, even to Key West and Tallahassee.

You might consider renting a car instead, but then you’re responsible for picking up and returning the car as well as for driving to your destination. That isn’t preferable if you don’t like driving in unfamiliar places, if you don’t currently have a driver’s license or if you want to have some cocktails on the plane. Perhaps before your flight is scheduled to leave, you want to party with friends you’re visiting or with new acquaintances you’ve met while on vacation. You don’t have to worry about driving your rental car to the airport. Simply schedule service with one of the Airport Shuttles in Cape Coral FL, and you’re on your way.

If you’re coming to Florida to visit friends or relatives, it may be most convenient to have them pick you up and bring you back to the airport if they live in Fort Myers or nearby. However, if you are visiting southwest Florida on your own first and then need to get to your loved ones’ home further north or on the other side of the state, taking an airport shuttle saves them the hassle of driving to Fort Myers. That’s especially important if you’re visiting elderly people, such as your parents or grandparents, who may not feel comfortable driving that far or navigating airport roadways. It’s a win-win situation when you use the shuttle service.
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