Air Freight Cargo Services: Many Types Provided

Air freight cargo is the preferred option for most individuals and businesses because it is faster, and many items can be shipped with these services. Most people don’t consider the types of air freight available to them, though there are three main categories, including super transports, cargo plane and passenger airline freight. In most cases, the type of air cargo services you receive will not be dependent on your preference but rather will be focused on what is available and necessary for the shipment’s needs.

Super Transports

The super transport airplane is made specifically to move very large, heavy or bulky items. Equipment, construction equipment, helicopters, vehicles and even airplanes can be transported with super transporters.

They are made differently than other types of air cargo planes because you can place freight in almost every area of the plane. The doors open widely so that items can be shipped whole, without the added annoyance of tearing down the items and putting them back together at their destination. Approximately 47 tons of cargo can be on board at one time, meaning you can ship up to 47 tons of freight. Most customers will not need this large amount and may share services with other clients, reducing costs and allowing more cargo to ship at the same time.

Cargo Planes

Many couriers understand the need for air freight cargo services, so they have their own cargo planes designed for their company. Most of the planes have many levels and can hold a lot of cargo on their own. These planes were not designed to hold people, other than the pilot, co-pilot and a porter or two, so all the space can be used for the freight needing to be shipped.

This will work for almost every type of cargo a company will send, though not everything. The courier will determine whether the cargo plane can handle the weight or whether a super transporter should be used.

Passenger Planes

Passenger airplanes can hold cargo from couriers and couriers tend to lease space on these airplanes, especially if the items being sent are lightweight and don’t include hazardous materials.

Airlines allow cargo on passenger planes because they can make money from their services, which can sometimes account for 10 percent of the revenues.

The amount of cargo allowed on passenger planes depends on the amount of passengers and the space available after luggage and other necessities.

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