Adhesive Tape Products: Bonding, Foam & Foil/High Temp

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Do you need a specific type of tape to complete your next task? Whether you’re working on a project at home or work, there are plenty of options open to you in terms of adhesive products. When it comes to size, durability, and strength, tape varies considerably. On that note, it’s important to be sure you’re selecting the right one for the application you’re planning. For expert advice, consult a company that’s experienced with providing quality tape solution to an assortment of customers.

Several Choices
Industry professionals rely on various types of tape to complete their projects and applications. From silicone and fiberglass, to rubber and acrylic, there are a variety of adhesives available on the markets. Bonding tape, foil/high temperature tape, and foam tape are three of the most popular choices. Whether you’re looking to assemble a display, insulate electrical wires, or need a reliable gasketing tape, a knowledgeable, experienced engineer of technical solutions can assist you. Professionals who are familiar with the many variations of adhesive tape products – and their uses – can offer helpful advice.

Role in Industry
Tape has innumerable everyday uses; so it makes sense that it fulfills countless roles in a wide range of markets and industries. From healthcare and appliance, to automotive and electronic, to entertainment and print industries, double sided tape and other adhesive products are relied upon for all sorts of applications – large and small. Choosing a client-focused company for tape products is the best way to ensure you receive the highest value for your dollar. They’ll answer your questions, and suggest an affordable, superior product that matches your specifications.

Many Project Applications
An array of projects can be enhanced with the right style of type. Double sided tape, for example, is ideal for applications that involve boding two surfaces together, such as putting up signage. Foam tape can be used for gasketing, which involves sealing open spaces between two objects. Foil and high temperature tape is ideal for insulation, allowing electrical components to be fused together safely. Regardless of the nature of your project, whether it’s creative or practical, the right adhesive tape products can make all of the difference.

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