An A/C Contractor in Corona CA: Signs That Your Air Conditioning Unit Needs Repair

Fixing an air conditioning unit is quite simple if you know how the system works and able to identify all its different components. There are simple DIY steps that a homeowner can use to discover and repair minor air conditioning problems that are keeping their system from cooling. However, if you are not comfortable with fixing it yourself, it is good to call in an experienced A/C Contractor in Corona CA to check it and fix any problem identified. Signs that you need AC repair include:

Malfunctioned fan

If the fan is not running, check the thermostat to make sure that it has the power to it. For digital thermostats, you will notice that they are completely blank if there is no power to it. Try resetting the system by simply unplugging the fan coil or furnace for a few minutes and then plug it back in. You can also try to flip the circuit breaker on and off.

Indoor unit leaking water

Check the drain pan under the cooling coil and see if it is full of water. Your system’s overflow switch may have cut the power to the unit to prevent water damage to your house. You can fix the problem by unplugging the emergency drain line. If your system doesn’t have overflow switches, you can unplug the furnace from the wall socket and then plug in a lamp. However, you cannot do this for a fan coil since the circuit is 230 volts, which is a high voltage and can only be handled by an experienced A/C Contractor in Corona CA.

Using a voltmeter, an expert should check to see if there is voltage to the fan coil. To fix the problem of the lamp that will not turn on, turn circuit breakers off and on until the lamp turns on.

Good airflow but air is not cold

If there is a good air flow coming out through the vents but no cooling, the problem is most likely to be your outdoor unit. Check if both the condenser fan and compressor are running. In the case where the condenser fan is running, but the compressor is not, an A/C Contractor in Corona CA recommends that you turn off the unit immediately to keep from damaging the compressor.

An A/C Contractor in Corona CA helps you fix these and other AC problems.

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