A Guide to Choosing Commercial canopies

When shopping for commercial canopies there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure you select the best choice for your intended purposes. Determining what it will be used for, the amount of coverage which will be needed, the conditions it will be exposed to and the duration of time which the canopy will be in use are important factors. With the large number of different commercial canopies available, making the best choice can seem a bit overwhelming. This guide is designed to help you more easily make the best selection.

Choose a Style Which Suits the Occasion

When purchasing a commercial canopy for sponsored events, weddings, civic activities or other social types of gatherings, it is important to select a style which is complimentary. For example, the awning style of canopy in a commercial grade will be rugged enough to hold up under repeated set ups and take downs, while presenting an attractive appearance with plenty of head space in the center for taller centerpieces and other wedding decor, with coverage for seated or standing guests on either side.

Peak style canopies are often used for housing equipment, raw materials and commodities which are produced and stored outside within industrial settings. Flat styles are adequate when there is no need for additional head space in the center. Estimating the maximum size which will be needed helps to ensure that the canopy size you choose will provide adequate coverage for its intended purpose.

Grade Matters

Canopies are designed and constructed with careful attention to the strength and durability of the product. Standard grade is for lighter use such as home use or occasional events which do not require constant exposure to the elements for extended periods of time. Heavy duty grades are more durable and will hold up better than the standards under constant use. Commercial grade is recommended for heavy use in a commercial setting such as continuous set ups and take downs or leaving the canopy assembled to shield against the elements. A tougher grade is needed to extend the life of the canopy and designers have this in mind when selecting the construction and materials used.

Choosing the best commercial canopy is made much simpler when you take the time to make a few considerations. Knowing the purpose, amount of space which you will need to cover and which style is the most appropriate helps in narrowing down your choices.

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