A Brief Guide To Zero Tolerance Alcohol Laws

New York laws enforce zero tolerance for all underage drivers who choose to drive while intoxicated. These laws reduce the legal limit to 0.02 percent for these individuals. They also enforce hefty penalties for these drivers. If you are under the age of twenty-one and are facing these charges, contact a DWI Lawyer in Carmel NY through Spain and Spain PC today.

The First Offense

Upon conviction for a first offense DWI, a minor will face a license suspension of up to six months. They incur fines that range between $500 and $750 or more. They could spend up to one month in the county jail. The county will also require a fee of $250 for the next three years as an administrative fee to show their financial responsibility.

This is based on insurance laws in the state of New York. Under these laws, they are also required to obtain SR-22 auto insurance. All drivers must also complete a drunk driving school, which presents them with the repercussions of driving under the influence. The penalties for a second offense in the next five years following the conviction will incur the same penalties.

Drug and Alcohol Combinations

All drivers are tested for to determine their blood-alcohol content as well as if controlled substances are present in their blood. Charges are increased if this combination is found. In most cases, minors which face a combination charge incur the same penalties as adults. If controlled substances are in their possession at the time of the arrest, they are charged with possession or distribution based on the quantity and type of drug.

New York traffic laws were devised to reduce the number of instances in which minors are arrested for DWI charges. The hefty penalties are enforced regardless of whether there were any previous convictions. In most cases, the judge may determine that the driver needs to enter into a drug or alcohol treatment program to decrease the probability of a repeat occurrence. If you are facing these charges now, you should contact your preferred DWI Lawyer in Carmel NY today and schedule an appointment.

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