5 Qualities of an Excellent Lawyer

Need the services of a personal injury attorney? If this is your first time to hire a lawyer, here are a few essential qualities you’ll want to look for:

Good communication skills

A lawyer must be articulate and have exceptional written communication skills. These are must-haves and are essential when they communicate with judges and juries. They must be able to persuade people to their way of thinking, make everyone in the courtroom see how the events unfolded and used the right words and tone to convey or enhance the emotion they want the jury to feel. That’s the level and quality of communication you’d want from your lawyer.

Analytical skills

Lawyers must be able to draw out correct assumptions from limited information. That’s the kind of analytical skill that helps them trip and shake witnesses on the stand, finds the right information to turn things in your favor and essentially win the case.

Research skills

The best personal injury attorney will have excellent research skills, says All About Law. Your lawyer will need it to find evidence to prove the defendant’s liability. From unearthing information to researching legal codes, regulations and rules, great research skills make for better lawyers. Keep that in mind when you look for one.


You want someone dedicated to the job, who won’t buckle down under pressure and who’ll keep at it until you find the right piece of information that would a difference in the outcome of your case.

Time for your case

Credentials are all well and good. But if your lawyer barely has enough time to spend on your case or has too many cases to handle, it might be a better idea to simply consult with someone else. Look for a lawyer who’s going to give your case the attention and time it needs.

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