3 Repurposing Projects After Getting New Garage Installation in Woburn MA

by | Feb 17, 2015 | Garage Doors

Did you just remodel your garage? Don’t throw the old doors away. Old garage doors could be recycled as material for new projects, tables, cabinets, pictures frames, etc. You could make many creative things with your old garage doors. They are definitely not worth throwing away. They are worth keeping. Here are some ways you can repurpose your old garage doors or getting Garage Door Installation in Woburn MA.

Create New Table Tops

Old garage doors can make very sturdy table tops. You could just cut, frame, and sand the old garage door for your table top. If you do not paint it, you could have a very vintage looking table. If you do not want a vintage looking table, you can paint the table to your liking. Also, since garage doors are supposed to be sturdy, you will have a very sturdy and solid frame for your table.

Cabinet Frames

Similar to the table top, you could use your old garage door as the sides and frames of your cabinet. Since garage doors are built to be sturdy and lasting, you could use the material to create very sturdy sides and frames for your cabinet. You do not have to worry about the frame of your cabinet being too weak. If you reuse your old garage door, you could have a very strong frame. Now you don’t have to be afraid to put your expensive china into the new cabinet you are going to build.

Picture Frames

What better way to repurpose old garage doors then to make picture frames? Picture frames are very simple to make and require little to no material. This could be a fun and relaxing project for you and your family. After the picture frames are done, you can hang up pictures of you and your family. Or you can hang up your children’s artwork. No one ever complained about having too many picture frames in the home. A good and sturdy picture frame is just as important as what goes inside the picture frame.

Old garage doors do not need to be thrown away. If you are looking to throw them away, stop. You can use them for so many different projects. You will be saving the environment and making good use of the old garage doors as the same time. For more information regarding Garage Door Installation in Woburn MA, contact Collins Overhead Door Inc.

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